The Order of the Imitation of Christ (OIC), commonly called Bethany Congregation was founded by Fr. P.T. Geevarghese Panilkkaruveettil-later Archbishop Mar Ivanios on 15 August 1919 in Kerala, India. The First members of Bethany community came in Ethiopia on 16 September 2009 at the invitation of Abune Musie Ghebereghiorgis, the Eparch of Emdibir. The Community blessed its first Gedam at Emdibir on 23 September 2009 by a decree of erection published on 20 September 2009 by V. Rev. Fr. Jose Mariadas OIC, the superior General of the congregation. In the history of the church Bethany is the first oriental religious congregation which sends its priests to another oriental catholic church for missionary activities and establishment of a community.

Decree of Erection Kamashi Ethiopia

Ethiopean History 1

Ethiopean History 2

The Charism of the Community is following Jesus Christ in his life of prayer and action, realized in oriental monastic tradition in indigenous way with due consideration to time and place. The realization of the charism in Ethiopia is to imbibe and safeguard the inner spirit and life style of Ethiopian culture and spiritual tradition. The congregation undertakes any charitable service and apostolic endeavor revolve around the Charism.

The Houses of our congregation are given the name Bethany Gedam. Bethany means house of answer or consolation. Bethany in the gospel is a name which indicates the nature and charism of our congregation, which gives supreme importance for prayer and activities. Gedam is the abode of a religious where strenuous effort for God experience is made in prayer, silence simplicity and hard work.

Bethany Gedam,
P.O. Box-23, Emdibir,
Ethiopia, East Africa.
Mobile: 0912786744; 0912786745

Main Activities in Ethiopia
A. Education 
1. St. Antony’s Technical Institutions
2. St. Antony’s Computer Training Institution
3. Bethany Boy’s Home
    Region    :       SNNPR
    Zone       :       Gurage
    Woreda   :       Cheha
    Town       :       Emdibir
    Kebele    :       02
B. Village Development Programme
1. Agriculture 

    Land management and Plantation of trees, crops, etc
2. Human Resource Development Programme 
     Sponsoring for higher education and technical studies
     Scholarship for Top Students from 5th to 12th grade
     Education endowment for all lower primary students from poor families

C. Retreat & Confession

No. Name Profession Ordination Location
1. Fr. Aby Abraham Onayattukuzhiyil OIC 6 .7.1996 21 .11. 2005 Emdibir
2. Fr. Daniel Thomas Mannil OIC     Emdibir
3 Bro. Boniface Mathew Madathiparambil, OIC Regent
4 Bro. Joshua Edakadampil, OIC Regent

Bethany Sisters: Srs. Surabhila, Prasada Ann Mary, Nisthula, Udhitha
C/o Abune Musie Gebreghiorghis
Bishop of Emdibir
P. Box No. 23
Diocese of Embdibir
Phone: 00251 113305099
Mobile; 00251 913981698
00251 911953286

Abune Musie Gebreghiorghis
Bishop of Emdibir
P. Box No. 3
Diocese of Emdibir
Emdibir – West Shoa
00251 113310163
Mobile 0911.24.62.29

Mr. Daniel Kaphema
Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat
Post Box No.2454
Adis Ababa
Arada Sub City
House No.374

Abba Teshome Fikre (Vicar General): 00251 911106189
Head Office: Emdibir
Tel: Fax:


Tel: 00251 111550300
Mob: 00251 911862286

Catholic Eparchy of Emdibir
P.O.Box 23, Emdibir
Emdibir Catholic Secretariat (EmCS)-
Head Office: Emdibir

Newly Erected House in Ethiopia:

ETHIOPIA – GORU ZOOR DAYARA, Started in 2014(Jan 20)
Fr. Daniel Thomas Mannil         Superior
Bro. Boniface OIC         Regent


Bethany Boy’s Home is an institution run by Bethany Fathers. It provides poor but brilliant boys of secondary level with free accommodation and other education facilities.

Aim: The vision behind the institute is to create equitable and sincere younger citizens, who desire for the higher education and growth of the country as well as promote divine and human values.


To increase the standard of education
To provide with better accommodation
To give better library facilities
To offer better tuition opportunities
To help to lead a disciplined life
To formulate new methodologies in the field of education
To form one to be a contributor to the development of the country

Admission Criteria

1. The home opens for poor but brilliant boys who passed 7th grade not long
2. Application is invited through the parishes.
3. An application without the approval of the respective vicar will not be accepted.
4. The selection of the students will be through an entrance examination.
5. The selected boys have to get admission in any nearby school.

Rules and Regulations

1. It is expected that each student displays his best and maintains cleanliness of his dormitory and its surroundings
2. It is expected that every boarder follows the specific schedule timing of the house, especially rising up and lights out.
3. Disrespectful conversation or argument with any staff member is uncalled for
4. Any damage to the house property shall lead to penalization.
5. Stealing, smoking consuming drugs, possession of objectionable and obscure material are offences that may lead to direct expulsion of the student from the home.
6. Matters like bullying, raging or hurting physically or mentally shall be dealt seriously and disciplinary action against the students found guilty shall be taken.
7. Boarders are expected to behave well in public and represent their school with pride.
8. The head of the boarding has the right to inspect and search a student’s cubicle or possession in his presence at any time.
9. All personal effects are the responsibility of the students and the parents. Items kept in the cupboards are placed there at the student’s own risk and therefore any loss becomes his responsibility.
10. Inappropriate discrimination on ground of cultural background, linguistic background or academic and sporting ability should be avoided at any cost.
11. Boarders are expected to be presentable at all times. Inappropriate dressing is strictly prohibited
12. Uniforms are to worn as per the expectation of the school
13. Boarders should neither borrow nor lend any valuable gadgets as damage, loss; theft due to this shall be sole responsibility of the boarder.
14. Holidays for the boarders are according to academic setting of the respective school.
15. Boarders are permitted to visit their house on the second weekends. Other visits should be permitted only in necessity and with the approval of the guardian.
16. Unofficial leave shall not be permitted during the first two weeks of a term in any academic year nor prior to Friday evening in any week.
17. There will be no travel without appropriate parental/guardian authority.
18. Parents should report their children to the boarding house by 7pm at the latest unless a prior arrangement has been made.
19. If any boarder is persistently insubordinate or is willfully mischievous or is guilty of malpractice in connection with examinations or has committed a serious indiscipline or misbehavior or who in the opinion of the         principal has an unwholesome influence on his fellow students, may be suspended or expelled.
20. We should appreciate parent’s cooperation with the above matters and look forward to a long and enjoyable association with the Bethany Boy’s Home.

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