No Name Date of Profession Feast Day Year of Formation Province
01 Bro. Alex Michael M. A. Bhavan OIC 31/5/2008 Nov. 01 II B. Th. Navajeevan
02 Bro. Gitin George Purathoottu OIC 23/5/2011 April 23 BBA LLB Navajeevan
03 Bro. Henry Sam Kurishinkal OIC 23/5/2011 July 13 II B. Th. Navajeevan
04 Bro. Githin Jacob Puthuparambil OIC 23/5/2011 July 25 N.D.(Naturopathy) Navajeevan
05 Bro. Daniel Thomas Kallil OIC 23/5/2011 Oct. 10 II B. Th Navajeevan
06 Bro. Tenny Mathew Varghese Palapurathu OIC 24/5/2012 Nov. 16 II B. Th. Navajyothy
07 Bro. Libin Mathew Kurian Maniparambil OIC 24/5/2012 Sep. 21 III B. Th. Navajeevan
08 Bro. Githin George Gigo Bhavan OIC 24/5/2012 April 23 III B. Th. Navajeevan

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