Generalate Portfolio

Department Name
Prayer and Community life V.Rev. Fr.Jose Kuruvila Peedikayil OIC
Pastoral Ministry Fr.Varghese Vijayanand Tharakanveedu OIC
Religious and Priestly formation Fr.Varghese Thykoottathil OIC
Social Apostolate Fr.Jacob Varghese Eettithadathil OIC
Communication media (incl. Jesus Mail) Fr.James Mamoottil OIC
Ecumenism& Inter Religious Dialogue Fr.James Mamoottil OIC
Printing & Publication Bro.George Gracious Karimpanamannil OIC
Education V.Rev.Fr.Jose Jose Kuruvila Peedikayil OIC
Correspondence (Secretary General) Fr.Antony Padipurackal OIC

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