Bethany Ashram and its Founding

(To the reader: this portion is an extract from the Holy Rule of the Congregation itself)

The name of this congregation is The Order of the Imitation of Christ. Ordinarily, it is called Bethany.

Prompted by divine inspiration to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout India, through the spiritual renewal of the Malankara Church, Fr. P.T. Geevargis Panickaruveettil- later Archbishop Mar Ivanios- founded this religious family on 15 August 1919. The founder and the first members entered into full communion with the Catholic Church on 20 September 1930. On 14 April 1966 our Congregation was raised to the status of a congregation of Pontifical right.

The purpose of Christian religious life is to imitate our Lord Jesus Christ, by the perfect observance of the evangelical counsels of obedience, chastity and poverty. By this imitation the religious through community life, bear testimony to the heavenly life. They offer themselves for the glory of God who first loved us, and serve their fellowmen in perfect charity.

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